Pintado Park Garden Club

Established 1956                                                                                                                             Club # 01-120-260
Meets 4th Friday of each month at 10:00 A.M.
Except: November (3rd Friday) & December (2nd Friday)

members7In 1956, a group of women got together to form a garden club. They wished to further their knowledge of growing flowers and making designs to grace their homes and to enter into flower shows, as well as “passing along” this knowledge to others. This group of women lived around Pintado Park that was part of a Spanish Land Grant. The group aptly named themselves Pintado Park Garden Club after this beautiful wooded park full of live oaks and memories. It is one of the earliest parks in Pensacola still in existence.
Our members are involved in various activities in the Federation and other plant societies. Our members include Gardener of the Year, Master Judges, Life Judges, Master Gardeners, and Landscape Consultants. Our members have served in various positions on the Governing Board and the Board of Directors. We have members on The Secret Garden Tour, and Tour of Tables committees and participate in both Fall Flower Shows at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.

We meet on the 4th Friday of the month at 10:00 a.m. from September to May. “Lunch with the Bunch” on the 4th Friday of July allows us to check in and check up with each other. We meet in members’ homes. Hosting a meeting is not required for membership. We have a program each month and may include a field trip or workshop from time to time. We consider ourselves family and are subject to having too much fun!