Secret Garden Tour

Tickets will be available for purchase May 1,  2017

Secret Garden Tour dates for 2017 are May 20 and 21.

More information will be posted by May 1- Check back

A beautiful weekend on the Secret Garden Tour 2016

Secret Gardens of the Emerald Coast 2016 is past.

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Stone 1
Stone momentos are a gift from the Garden Tour Committee to the homeowners sponsored by Earth Products and Daniel Hall Sandblasting.

Garden #1  featured a pergola, brick walkways, and a raised-bed vegetable garden. Care has been taken to mix color and textures and to include plants that attract birds and butterflies.  Seven different feeders ensure a continual parade of birds.  Additionally, more than 70 planters and flower pots provide the viewer with focal points of varied heights.

Don't let the children leave without finding Tinkerbell in the Secret Fairy Garden
Don’t let the children leave without finding Tinkerbell in the Secret Fairy Garden at “Timeless Tanglewood”

Garden #2 was an encore from last year’s tour back by popular demand. Magnificent cannon have been added to make a more impressive entrance. On the extensive grounds there are six separate gardens, each with a lovely focal point including an ancient olive tree, a fountain, statuary, terraces, attractive seating, or award-winning horticulture.

The terracing and water management was definetly working in Friday’s rain!

Garden #3  featured Windsor-block and stack-stone retaining walls, flagstone walkways lined with river rounds, and a good mix of native plants and bulbs that transform this property to highlight the peaceful creek views from the house’s huge windows.

Garden #4 was a historic church whose grounds cover an entire block. Tour attendees are welcome to view the beautiful sanctuary and multiple planting areas surrounding various buildings on the campus, featuring a riot of color with a profusion of horticulture.

Friday's rain wil only make the flowers more beautiful Sat and Sun
Friday’s rain only make the flowers more beautiful Sat and Sun

Garden #5  – Walkways on each side of the house lead through gates into a truly secret garden.  The main attraction of the live-oak-shaded back yard is a jasmine-covered arbor inviting one to sit in this outdoor oasis and absorb the serenity of the surroundings.  But the interest doesn’t stop there – three sets of steps lead to an upper level of the yard with pathways twining across the top, visiting bird baths and private nooks.

Garden # 6  and #7  sit beside each other and border the Pensacola Country Club golf course.  Garden #6 has a rear courtyard shaded by four large Natchez crepe myrtles and is further adorned with potted citrus, boxwoods, and agapanthus. Various features reflect the owners’ Louisiana roots.

Designers Touch
Designer’s Touch

Garden #7  has impressive plantings in the front yard that include a huge, unusual Sylvester palm and small-leafed Shishi camellias bordering the front porch. The back yard features statuesque crinum lilies, agapanthus, oakleaf hydrangea, a magnolia and a cypress tree, daylilies, and Indian hawthorn surrounding the back deck.

Garden #8 has withdrawn their garden from the tour.