Floral Design Class

Basic floral design skills are taught in this exciting course of study. Participants learn to construct floral designs for the home, place of worship, and for special occasions. No previous experience is necessary as skills are taught from the ground up.

The Floral Design Study Group (FDSG) is meeting on Saturday, January 5, 2019 at the Valparaiso Library Community Meeting Room at 9:30 a.m. Students are to make a Reflective Design (HB pg. 75).

“M. Reflective Design – a Creative Design containing reflective materials giving back images of light to the viewer.

  1. The reflective materials are an integral part of the overall design.
  2. Staging in front or on a mirror is not acceptable.”

If you plan to construct your design there, give yourself enough time. Usually 30 min. is enough but if you feel more comfortable with more time, please call or text Jean Kammeyer 850-865-3800 (Cell). Bring everything you will need to make a Creative Reflective Design including a 36”niche, underlay, tool box, 3×5 card with title, etc. Pretend you are entering a flower show! Class will begin at 10:00 a.m. and we usually go out to lunch afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

All designs will be critiqued. All Reflective Designs must have a name or title, all must be staged in front of a 36” niche or backboard, all must contain some plant material which is botanically named. Your critique will cover the Elements and Principles of Design using the Scale of Points on HB page 130 IV. Designs.

Criteria                                                      Value (points)

Type (Creative Reflective Design)       7

Requirements                                           7

  1. Design Titled
  2. Fill a 36” niche or backboard
  3. All designs will have an underlay
  4. Contain Some Plant Material
  5. Botanically Named Correctly

Design Principles                                   48

Selection of Components                       8

Organization of Components                8

Expression                                                  8

Distinction                                                 14

          TOTAL                                             100

Linda Henderson will be your instructor and she will be covering the differences between a Traditional Mass Design and a Creative Grouped Mass Design. The cost is $5.00 whether you make a design or just come to see (audit). This cost covers the expenses incurred for the meeting. Designs will be auctioned off  to help defray the cost of flowers.  Please let her know you are coming—text or call.

Linda Henderson,Chairman, FDSG, Martylinda@msn.com,  850-910-2432 (Cell)

For more information on floral design visit our Educational page – Floral Design Study Series.