Magnolia Garden Circle

Established 1947                                                                                                                    Club # 01-120-190
Supports PFGC Events– No Circle Meetings – Some Circle Meetings on Sunday afternoons

Magnolia members refer to our Circle as the “No Guilt” club as we encourage but do not pressure members to be involved in Pensacola Federation of Garden Club (PFGC).  We generally will meet only  when a project or program requires our immediate attention.  Mid week or Sundays’ at 1:30pm has been a time in the past where our working members can join us.

We try to support all PFGC functions if members are interested.  For example we support the Secret Garden Tour, publishing of The Camellia newsletter, and the Pensacola Fair with horticulture entries, table design, and a display garden.  We encourage volunteerism and leadership.  Member interest and availability determines our participation level.  Several of us are active in the leadership of the Federation.  We encourage attendance at the District meetings where a program is offered and at other area program offerings (our President likes these as limited coordination is required).  Our President will keep you informed of programs being offered through out the area.  Email is a must to stay informed.

This past year we met in the summer to plant caladiums and nurtured them through October when we featured them in our “Evening in Paris” display garden at the Pensacola Fair.  We researched table design and won the Club Competition at the fair.  We also learned how to make fabric hypertufa pots.

This year we are planning on offering a program to the public on caladiums and reselling them as a fundraiser for another display garden at the fair this fall.  Involvement in the display garden has proven to be a great way for our members to get to know each other and share our talents.

Member interest determines what we do.  We have plans to organize and offer a field trip to Atlanta to view a garden tour featuring hydrangeas if we can get circle and community support for a 50 passenger bus.  A smaller field trip in which we can carpool will be offered if the “big” trip falls through.  Hypertufa pots and succulent planting is of interest this year and we will pursue as long as we have volunteers and interest.  So if you have a bucket list and want help implementing it Magnolia Circle may be the perfect fit for you.

After the end of World War II the interest in home flower gardens was gaining wide interest among new and young homeowners.  The Garden Club Circles were at that time overcrowded.  To take care of new members the Crepe Myrtle Circle asked Mrs. D. McGuire to form a new circle.  The Magnolia Circle was organized in October 17, of 1947 with nine charter members.

One of their first projects for the Federation was decorating for Easter sunrise service at Bayview Park.  The next major project was decorating and sponsoring the annual luncheon.

Magnolia has  put their mark on the community with many projects and we hope to do so in the future.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2018General MeetingJill Cleaver
OCTOBER 9, 2018District 1 MeetingSandra Sherman and FFGC Officers
OCTOBER 17 and 23, 2018Fair Flower Show Ann Crawford - at the Fairgrounds
OCTOBER 25, 2018Fun with FlowersLinda Henderson
NOVEMBER 8, 2018The Garden Center GroundsSue Markham
NOVEMBER 10, 2018Rose ShowBob and Gail Pisz
NOVEMBER 15, 2018Fun with FlowersLinda Henderson
DECEMBER 2, 2018Christmas Home TourMilton Garden Club
DECEMBER 11, 2018Christmas LuncheonMarilyn Powitzky
JANUARY 12, 2019General MeetingLittle Gem Host/Hostess
JANUARY 26, 2019Camellia Grafting DemonstrationSkip Vogelsang
FEBRUARY 14, 2019Educational SeriesVan Holt
FEBRUARY 18, 2019Flower Show School - HorticultureDave Robson
FEBRUARY 19, 2019AmaryllisChristi Hankins
MARCH 7, 2019Annuals and BiennialsTina Tuttle
MARCH 19, 2019Tour of Tables - Bring a Friend for FreeSara Daum
MARCH 21, 2019Woody PerennialsTina Tuttle
APRIL 16, 2019Spring District MeetingSandra Sherman
APRIL 25, 2019Container GardensTina Tuttle
MAY 2, 2019PFGC Annual MeetingVirginia Page
MAY 18- 19, 2019Secret Garden TourMartha Krehely
AUGUST 8 and 9?2019Short Course NorthSanta Rosa Extension and District 1
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