Sweet Bay Garden Club

Established 1995                                                                                                                            Club # 01-120-300
Meets 4th Monday of each month at 9:30 A.M.
At the Perdido Bay Community Center
Except: Jun and July

Meet your neighbors to the far west!

5x7-16Sweet Bay garden club is a fairly young club, established in 1995. It started out to serve a need for those who live on the far west side of Pensacola. In fact, a number of our members are from Perdido Key and Lillian, Alabama. Our club has 30 members and meets in the Perdido Bay United Methodist Church’s Community Center on Innerarity Rd, the 4th Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m.

One of our original members welcomed me into garden club by saying there is something for everyone in garden club. That truly describes Sweet Bay! Our members have a variety of interests, so the education programs following our meetings are diverse. We have quite a few “designer” members who share their expertise and likewise, our “horticulture” lovers are also willing to share their tips and get out and dig in the dirt.

Each year we try to do a “community service” project. Notable projects include the Children’s Garden at the Perdido Key Kids Park, landscaping the Southwest Library on Gulf Beach highway and planting sea oats at Johnson Beach. In addition we have volunteered to clean up and beautify the oldest children’s cemetery in Pensacola.

After each meeting, most of our members go out to lunch to socialize. We welcome new members.


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