Presidents Council

The Presidents Council is a forum for Federation officers and committee chairmen to communicate with circle presidents. Chaired by the 1st Vice President. Circle Presidents exchange program ideas and give civic project updates. Occasionally a speaker is brought in to educate presidents about volunteer opportunities within the community or a give presentation about a subject that can be used for circle programs.

The following are our current Circle Presidents:

BUD 'N BLOOMTerry Henry
DAYLILYEtta McDonald
JASMINEAnn Crawford
LAZY DAISYPat Leidner and Norma Crooke
MAGNOLIAJill Cleaver
OLEANDERMartha Krehely
PICK 'N' POKEMarilyn Powitzky
SASSAFRASRenee Miller and Sharon Miller
SWEET BAYWilma Steele