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Membership Dues

The Federation membership year is from 1 May to 30 April. Dues are paid to the circle treasurers during the March through May meetings. State dues are $12.00 and PFGC dues are $17.00. District I dues are $1.00. Circle dues are set by each circle. In May of each year, Circle Treasurers must forward the dues for each member to Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs, P.O. Box 2207, Pensacola, FL 32513-2207.

Life Memberships

Life Membership is often presented to a member as an expression of gratitude to a dedicated person for their support of FFGC or NGC; however, individuals can purchase a life membership for themselves.
FFGC – Life membership in FFGC is for those individuals aspiring to the goals and ideals of FFGC. A fee of $150 provides a lifetime subscription to The Florida Gardener. Members also receive a certificate, a membership card and pin with the FFGC logo and no longer pay dues to state. Applications are available at Individuals may purchase membership for themselves or give as a surprise to honor a fellow club/circle member.

DEEP SOUTH REGION – Life membership in the Deep South Region is used specifically to fund their scholarship fund. Membership is $50. Applications are available on line at

NGC – Life Membership is currently $200 and includes a Subscription to National Gardener. Applications are available online at

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