Why Offer Awards?

  • Recognize winners
  • Publicize projects
  • Bring awareness of the importance of clubs to communities
  • Inspire others to pursue worthwhile projects
  • Foster team spirit through competition
  • Encourage members to be involved
  • Attract new members with active, award winning clubs

 Gardener of the Year

Annual award established to recognize members other than current or former President’s or Vice-President’s of the Federation for outstanding dedication and service to their Garden Club and the Federation. Nominations are due by April 15th. Each circle may nominate a member who may or may not be a member of that circle. The following criteria will be applied in selection of the recipient.

Leadership at Circle Level… 30 points
Participation in Federation Projects …30 points
Serving on Governing Board and Board of Directors …20 points
Participation in education programs to circles and the community ..10 points
Participation in NGC, Deep South, FFGC and District Objectives and purposes… 10 points

An anonymous committee of three Former Presidents will consider all nominations and select a winner. The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

 BOI (Book of Information) Awards

Numerous achievement and service awards are available to clubs, circles, and individuals at the national, state, regional, and district as well as the federation level.
Garden Club members should ask to see their Circle Presidents’ copy of the FFGC BOI to view the broad array of awards for which individuals and clubs can be recognized. Many of these are monetary awards. So get to work, set a goal for yourself or your circle, earn an award, and make an impact on our gardening world! Recognize individual, club and circle achievements by applying for awards. Don’t let your work go unrecognized. Read the FFGC Book of Information (BOI) and select awards you or your circle want to participate in. Additional copies of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc, Book of Information can be obtained from Headquarters.
PFGC sponsors a $25 State Landscaping Award #32 for best planting on dedicated public property.
Document your project in a Book of Evidence (BOE) and be a winner! Awards generally must be submitted by December 1 but check the BOI for specifics.
The following are a sampling of individual, circle and club recognitions awarded by NGC, Deep South, FFGC and PFGC.

Arbor Day
Tree Planting
Flower Show Awards
Community Service
School Grounds
Adopt a Park
Conservation Programs
Gardener of the Year
Garden Club of the Year
Landscaping a Home
Planting Coreopsis
Garden Tour Award
Water Gardening
Habitat for Humanity
Publication –Yearbook
Publication– Newsletter
Growing a Container Plant
Garden Therapy
Using Marigolds in a Garden
Establish a Blue Star Marker
Refurbish a Blue Star Marker
Landscape with Native
Informative Field Trip to a Park
Junior Gardeners
Pressed Flowers