Roster of Honor

The Roster of Honor was established in 1975 by the Board of Directors for the purpose of honoring persons interested in the objectives of the Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.  The fund was initiated after more than $1,000 was given to PFGC in memory of Bobbi Moffet.  A plate, inscribed with the name of the person/group, is added to the plaque upon receipt of a tax-deductible contribution of $250 or more.  The Roster of Honor Fund and income is used for the maintenance of the Garden Center. A $50 donation may be made for the “In Memoriam” plaque. Income from the Roster of Honor Fund is used for the maintenance of The Garden Center. The public is invited to make Roster of Honor or In Memoriam donations to honor any prior or current members.

Send Donations to:

Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs
PO Box 2207
Pensacola, FL  32513-2207

Name or Group Recognized
Abbott, Elsie Oliver
Abbott, Mr. W. W.
Adkinson, Edna Kyser
Adkinson, James H.
Alcott, Barbara
Amaryllis Garden Club
Armistead, Virginia
Barfield, JesseT.
Barfield, Mrs. Jesse T.
Barfield, Theresa
Barley, Millie
Barlow, Mae H.
Barlow, Mildred V.
Barlow, Walter S.
Barnett, Erma
Bell, Addie
Bellview Garden Club
Bethan, Dan
Bethan, Joycelin
Blanchard, Charles H. Sr.
Blanchard, Judge M.C.Sr.
Blanchard, Tracy
Blanchard, Van Anderson
Bolin, Anita
Boner, Emerson R.
Boner, Helen J.
Boone, Lavona
Bowersox, Aline Day
Breeze, Beulah
Brock, Luther R.
Brown, Sarah
Broxton, Mildred
Bud 'n Bloom Garden Club
Carter, Gennell
Cassidy, Dr. Francis P.
Cassidy, Frances D.
Cotton, Helen
Crepe Myrtle Garden Club
Cruz, Lee
Daffin, Mrs. W. A.
Daniels, Mary Ruth
Daniels, Richard W.
Davis, Henry E. Sr.
Davis, Josephine O.
Day, Mrs. W.W.
Daylily Garden Club
DeLong, Jeanette
Dogwood Garden Club
Dist I Flower Show Judges
Dunaway, Camille
Earnest, Jean
Edmonson, Martha B.
Ellis, Amy
Ennis, Flora
Everette, Susie
Fitzgerald, Bettye
Fitzgerald, Gloria
Fiveash, Mrs. Jack
Frank, Melba
Frantic Housewives
Frenkel, John E. Sr.
Gary, Goldwyn
Gatlin, Judd
Gill, William
Gould, Jennie
Griffin, Nellie
Grissom, Mrs. E. D.
Grunden, Margaret
Hamilton, Gladys
Harrod, Helen J.
Harrod, Stanley
Hartley, Fay
Hatcher, Helen
Haynes, Mary E.
Hinojosa, Marina
Holly Garden Club
Hydrangea Garden Club
Ingram, Alice
Jogan, Gina
Johnson, Mickie
Jones, Alan Monte
Jones, Cheryl
Jones, Louise H.
Jones, Janan
Jones, Phillip R.
Jones, Roger Dale.
Key, Dr. Charles M.
Key, Laura
Knepton, Mary
Kooiman, Margaret
Krause, Charlotte
Larkspur Garden Club
Las Floritas Garden Club
Lynn, Rephie Bell
Magnolia Garden Club
Martin, Eva
Maxton, Virginia
Mayo, Alyn
McMillion, Ruth
Miller, Kay
Miller, Ms. Ruth
Moffett, Bobbi W.
Moore, Honor
Nelson, Betty S.
Northrup, Eugene S.
Northrup, Louise S.
Northrup, Mae
Nosegay Garden Club
Novota, Linda
O'Donnell, Margaret S.
Oldmixon, Annie
Oleander Garden Club
Parda, Alma B.
Parda, Thomas J.
Parkhurst, Frank R.
Parkhurst, Mrs. Frank R.
Pate, Mary J.
Pensacola Flower Show Judges
Pensacola Interstate Fair
Pick ‘n’ Poke Garden Club
Pineglades Garden Club
Pintado Park Garden Club
Pyle, Emmergene
Reasoner, Jean
Redbud Garden Club
Richie, Dorothy Trest
Robinson, Sandra
Roby, Beverly
Sammons, Mrs. H. L.
Sandifer, Georgia
Sandifer, Gilmore P.
Sasnett, Mr.Leslie
Sasnett, Mrs. Elva
Shell, Eloise
Shires, Bernice
Shows, Rae
Simpson, Jean Gooding
Smith, Lotis
Stairs, Jean Husted
Stansell, Mary Sue
Stevens, Deleen
Stichweh, Ann
Sweeney, Edward
Sweeney, Mildred G.
Thompkins, Mr. Horace
Thompkins, Mrs. Horace
Thompson, Nanny Ruth
Underwood, Patt
Vaillant, Susan
Venettozzi, Leona
Violet Garden Club
Wagenblatt, Janet
Whitmer, Carolyn
Walstrom, Vella L.
Warner, Nell
Weiss, Anne
White, Fe' Thomas
Williams, Mary
Wilson, Reid
Wooley, Col. Wm. F
Wooley, Erica C.
Yaste, Mabel M.
Zaremba, Nita
Zorn, Thagard Lynne