Sassafras Garden Club

Established 1999                                                                                                                          Club # 01-120- 295
Meets 4th Tuesday of each month at 11:00 A.M.
Except: November (3rd Tues), June and July

SGT 2068Sassafras was formed in 1998 by Lavona Boone, a member of Redbud Garden Club, who was asked to lead the formation of a club for working women. Initially, several ladies from the local Clean and Green organization got together for a brown bag lunch meeting. The club slowly expanded and became part of PFGC in 1999.

The name Sassafras was selected because it is a native flowering tree with all parts of the plant (leaves, bark and roots) made into oils, spices, and extracts. The individual shaped leaves represent the diversity of club members and its many attributes represent their broad range of projects and interests.

Sassafras remains a diverse group of working women, many of whom are now retired. We remain true to our working roots and still hold our meetings during the lunch hour. Sassies are “diggers and designers.” Our members range from Master Gardeners to prize winning designers. We are crafty, good cooks and good friends.

Our club activities are as diverse as our membership. We participate in all aspects of flower shows, have our own Patriotic Garden, design tables, decorate Christmas trees, and grow prize winning flower show entries. We are active in the Federation with many of our members serving on the Governing Board, Board of Directors, and various committees. We meet at the Garden Center on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 11:30. We always serve lunch followed by an informative program.

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